Sunday, July 28, 2013

Do what you think is right

Do what you think is right you might end up changing someones life. One of my friends started drinking this summer and it really bothered me. I talked to my parents and some of my friends parents and everyone told me it wasn't my place to get involved. As time passed it kept eating me away inside until tonight. I finally broke down and told him how I felt and how it was affecting me. He is like my brother and I couldn't let him keep doing this to himself without letting him know. After I told him he broke down and cried and apologized and promised he would never do it again because he didn't wanna lose me or hurt me because I am the only friend he has left. Hopefully it will change, hopefully I'll be able to trust him and respect him again but it's gonna take time. But everyone messes up and deserves a second chance. Hopefully he keeps his word and is willing and ready to change because only you can change yourself and you have to be aware of the action and outcome and what it's doing to the people around you before anything can happen. I'm so glad I decide to follow my heart and talk to him agents what everyone has said.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Next Step to the Rest of my Life

Today I started my EMS class! I can not wait to see where this takes me and the doors it opens. Next step to becomeing a fire fighter! :)

Monday, November 26, 2012

How Come Life Can Go From Great To Why Did I Even Get Out Of Bed This Morning In The Matter Of 5 Minuets?????

The Day was going great! Best Monday I have had sence school had started. I got back my ACT scores: Got a 20 on, Which made me really proud. The collage I want to attend responded to my email and wants to set a class shadow and have me come for a vist. Everything was going great! Classes were going good and had a great night at work. Thats when I should have relized it was to good to be true. My girlfriend on and off for the past 4 years texted me. We Need To Talk. Call Me.... All it said. So i called. She was crying. after 20o minuets on the phone the girl i had fallen in love with and could see a future with told me she didnt feel the same. Just the night before we had hung out. Kicked it in are sweats and ordered a pizza and watched a movie. Nothing Happend to make me think we would go from a strong couple to, I dont feel the same within 24 hours. Im not an ammoshinal guy but she brought me to tears on the phone. she kept appoligizing and we were both in tears. It just shows that a good day always comes to an end. Nomater what thing can change and people can change. People always said High School love dosnt last.. I thought we were different...... Apparently not so much. She is getting ready to leave for collage, why would she want to be with a jr. in highschool?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

TJ Brown
Mr. Wennekamp
English 3

Don't give up
My friends always joke around with me saying I don't take anything serious. I don’t have a care in the world, I can do anything I want, they say I do not think. My sister laughs at me and gets so frustrated with me because the things I can do come easy to me. But what they don't see is that the time I do have I to put into the stuff i can’t do. They laugh at me and I try to get
them to laugh. I would rather have them laugh with me and at the thing I can do than the things I can't do, like read.
    Balance came easy to me. I learned to ride a bike at the age of four with no help. I could walk before I could crawl. To me balance is everything. I waterski, slominski, wakeboard, kneeboard, skimboard, everything on water that most people have to practice I could naturally do. I don't know how but I could hop in and boom, I can do it. I do stupid things when I do that to get them to laugh. For me that is a outlet. But my sister Rachel isn't as talented in that sense. She is brilliant, if you have a problem she can solve it, if you need an answer she has it. She is like a human dictionary. I have never seen her without a book. She loves spending time out on the water with us but it doesn't come easy. She learned to read before she was in school and to this day has never stopped, she does it with ease, but when it comes to brute strength and balance she isn't so well off.
Rachael never gives up. Time after time, face plant after faceplant she could not get up. She would look everything up she could, read books and read websites. She could tell you in her sleep what you have to do and the speed and the physics behind how it works but she could not duplicate it. She would get so frustrated because I could hop in the water strap on the board and go, no problem. No prior knowledge I just could go and that bothered her because she put so much time in and couldn't do it.
    The same thing is for me and reading I try to explain. She didn't understand why reading was so hard for me. “You Just Read” is how she would put it. Just read the words and make a story but that wouldn't work. She didn't see what took her one hour to do took me three hours. I tried to explain to her that for me balance is something I don't think about I can just do, and for her reading is that way.
    To this day Rachael can not wakeboard. She can kneeboard but not wakeboard. But she has never not tried. She never gives up or passes on a chance to try. She is alway taking the chance to learn new things.  Determination on learning to do something is something you can not lack in life. Everyday she taught me not to give up.  I fight it in school, but I overcame it and now work at a tutoring center helping kids learn to read. You can not give up because eventually you will learn to do it. Eventually you will get it and you will be proud of yourself for sticking with it.